The Allianz Center for Technology in Ismaning

The activities of AZT Automotive GmbH cover:

  • crash testing of vehicles focusing on damage behavior and vehicle insurance rating,

  • repair methods for modern vehicles (amongst others, new materials, joining processes, diagnosis and calibration of sensors),

  • independ calculation tools for the assessment of vehicle damage,

  • accident research focusing on driver assistance systems and automated driving,

  • theft protection, vehicle electronics, telematics and IT security of vehicles,

  • campaigns on road safety

  • training seminars for experts from the Allianz companies around the globe.


These activities are aimed at: 

  • reducing claims frequency and costs

  • increasing road safety via damage prevention and safety campaigns

  • providing technical expertise for the core business of auto insurance


To this end, AZT works together with vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and research institutions from around the world.