Training at AZT: further training for Allianz experts and international transfer of know-how

The dynamic change in the area of vehicle technology has considerable impact on auto insurance, risk assessment and the repairs industry. At the same time, digitalization has given rise to new processes in the fields of claims management and drafting of expert opinions. These trends entail particular challenges for experts, and constant further training and education constitute key performance factors in daily practice.


Allianz possesses one of the largest expert organizations in the insurance sector, and one of AZT's main tasks is to provide them with timely and professional further training and education. Approximately 400 Allianz experts, alongside other target groups, are regularly trained at AZT through the use of a comprehensive further training program which focuses equally on the conventional areas of vehicle repair as well as on the current trends in the automotive sector. This ensures a direct transfer of know-how from AZT's research and other up-to-date sources into the daily claims processing for our customers.


The diverse range of topics includes, amongst others, the following general areas:

  • Body and paintwork repairs
  • Sensor calibration
  • Requirements and processes in claims assessment and calculation
  • Modern vehicle technology, e.g. high voltage vehicles, assistance systems and IT security  




Additional seminars also regularly take place covering special topics, such as:


  • Claims assessment and maintenance of mobile homes, HGVs and buses
  • Additional topics, e.g. communication


The AZT is also part of international networks and promotes the exchange of knowledge between Allianz's international automotive and claims experts. Within this framework, the AZT initiates and organizes annual events such as "Train the Trainer" or the "AZT Summit", at which internationally relevant innovations and developments are discussed and best practice approaches in the area of claims management are presented.