Assisted & automated driving

Driver assistance systems and automated driving

Reverse-AEB test with a "soft vehicle target"

Driver assistance systems make a considerable contribution towards improving road safety. The accident research department at the Allianz Center for Technology (AZT) has been analyzing their potential through multiple research projects over the past decade (e.g. AKTIV, TRACE, euroFOT), and has made a significant contribution towards the inclusion of effective driver assistance systems in the calculation of insurance premiums in many countries (e.g. autonomous emergency braking, AEB). Claims submitted to Allianz relating to motor liability and bodily injury form the basis for the evaluation of this potential. Several claims databases allow the AZT to continuously carry out prospective and retroactive evaluations, from the most minor instances of physical loss or damage, up to the most serious bodily injuries, examining them in relation to driver assistance systems in terms of navigation, steering and stabilization.

Current topics and research projects on all aspects of driver assistance systems and automated driving: