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EU project L3Pilot successfully completed

Four-year research project on automated driving ends with closing event in Hamburg.


November 2021


The "L3Pilot" project led by Volkswagen AG and funded by the EU Commission celebrated its successful closing in October at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg.

The goal of the four-year project was to investigate the feasibility of automated driving as a safe and efficient transportation solution and to evaluate the effects of introducing and spreading automated vehicles.

In addition to the Allianz Center for Technology, the project involved vehicle manufacturers, suppliers as well as research institutions, universities and government agencies.

The project equipped 70 vehicles. The test fleet included 13 different vehicle brands, from passenger cars to SUVs. More than 400.000 km were driven on highways, including 200.000 km in automated mode and 200.000 km in manual mode as a basis for comparing user experience and assessing impact. More than 24.000 km were driven in automated mode in city traffic.


With the goal of focusing the user experience of automated driving functions, more than 1.000 people participated in pilot tests and complementary tests in a virtual environment.

The project focused on SAE Level 3 automated driving functions on highways and in urban traffic, while SAE Level 4 functions focused exclusively on parking and short-range scenarios. The AZT's task was, among other things, to evaluate the safety-related effects of automated parking functions. For this purpose, existing accident databases and the Allianz claims contained therein for several years were evaluated to obtain as comprehensive a picture as possible of the parking accidents recorded. Based on the knowledge gained from this, an assessment of the potential impact of future automated parking functions could be given.


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