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Fading Out Painting Process in Case of Repair

Basics for Professional Refinishing of Components without Clear Separation by Dividing Elements


April 2023


The proper and professional refinishing of vehicles is associated with various challenges. A new document from the German Commission for Paint and Bodywork Repair (Deutsche Kommission für Lack und Karosserieinstandsetzung) is intended to support communication between those involved in the repair process with detailed insights into the technology and to lead to better mutual understanding with more transparency.


Example of a vehicle prepared for topcoat with repair paint on rear side panel and fading out painting process on roof rail and rear entrance sill area.


In the case of vehicle components and areas that have no direct demarcation and whose surfaces merge into neighbouring components without separating elements, there are often controversial discussions about the necessity of continuous surface painting of the entire lateral roof frame (roof bar), especially in the case of rear side wall repairs.

Some people are of the opinion that the fading out painting process is not proper and professional. The argument is that sooner or later there will be a visible paint transition due to paint chipping edges, loss of gloss and/or paint flaking, and therefore the paint surfaces of all interlocking body components must always be painted over the entire surface. In other cases, however, even direct visible surfaces (e.g. the side roof rail) can be "painted" and the transition polished without concern.

In order to find a technically sound approach to this discussion, the jointly supported document on the fading out painting process in the case of repairs was drawn up under the leadership of AZT, together with representatives of vehicle manufacturers, bodywork and paint associations, experts and insurance companies.


Example of a vehicle prepared for topcoating with repair painting of the rear side wall and supplementary co-painting of the A-pillar at the top outside to achieve a closed clearcoat layer.


The document of the German Commission for Paint and Body Repair (Deutsche Kommission für Lack und Karosserieinstandsetzung) unanimously adopted on 07 March 2023 on the craftsman's refinishing of components without clear demarcation by separating elements by means of the fading out painting process is available here in German and English (and in the download area). On the one hand, it deals with the technology and boundary conditions as well as decision criteria for or against the fading out painting process and on the other hand, it lists practical examples as well as other aspects.