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Repair or Replace

Joint study by Allianz Center for Technology (AZT), Allianz SE and other partners.


March 2023


At the 10th Allianz Motor Day last October, we presented the potential savings associated with green repair methods in terms of money and CO2 equivalent. ​

 The underlying approach was to compare a repair with a spare parts replacement in vehicle repair. In the case of the VW ID.3, repairing the headlight versus installing a new part reduces costs by almost 1,000 euros, and CO2 equivalent emissions are reduced by 98 percent - and that is just one of various examples. "If the repair rate in Germany were to be increased by just two percentage points, around 5,000 tons of CO2 could be saved, equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 860 German households," said Christoph Lauterwasser, Managing Director of AZT Automotive GmbH at the press event.​

 The international study "Repair or Replace", on which the event is based and which was prepared by AZT together with Allianz SE and partners Metsims Sustainability Consulting and Oakdene Hollins, has now been published. The examples already presented at Allianz Motor Day are supplemented in the comprehensive report by the investigation for further components of the VW ID.3 as well as by a country comparison. These analyses prove once again that repairing a damaged vehicle part is the more climate-friendly option compared to a spare parts replacement - in all the countries considered and also if the body shop carrying out the repair is already working sustainably.​


The full text of the study is available here and can be found in the download area.