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Update - Driver Distraction and Modern Technology

Clear bans, high fines - but hardly anyone knows the rules


May 2023


The current study on distracted driving, which was compiled at  AZT by Dr. Jörg Kubitzki, not only shows that driver distraction due to modern technology has increased significantly, but also impressively proves that too many drivers are not aware of the legal requirements for using electronic devices and assistance functions in vehicles. Allianz therefore demands that, in addition to the distraction risks posed by smartphones, navigation systems and the like, knowledge of legal regulations and the threat of penalties be communicated more clearly than has been the case to date. ​

The key findings of the study on this topic are:​

 • Nine out of ten drivers do not know the amount of fines for violations of the mobile phone paragraph​

 • 29 percent believe that prolonged distraction from the road is permissible ​

 • 13 percent believe that the mobile phone ban does not apply when using traffic jam or highway assistants - 7 percent consider short sleep to be possible​

These and other results are included in the current Allianz press release (only in German language). ​