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A short psychology of road traffic

A new German-language book published by Hogrefe deals with the experience and behavior of road users. "Die kleine Psychologie des Straßenverkehrs" is not designed to be a textbook, however, but rather a critical review.


December 2021


Choosing selected topics, Wolfgang Fastenmeier, Uwe Ewert, Jörg Kubitzki and Herbert Gstalter took a close look at new as well as old apparent truths and present the current state of research. Are women or men the better drivers? Much is relativized by the differences in driving performance. Seniors are dangerous drivers? However, their accident risks are lower than assumed. Age does not define a loss of driving ability, but mandatory tests bring new dangers - a recognized fact. And, in spite of all this, are we striving to get around in an environmentally friendly way? Research paints a different picture. One of convenience and egoism. Further book information in German language can be found here.