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Update AZT Paint Calculation

Maintenance of the system description for a better understanding and for higher user friendliness.


June 2020


The regular exchange with users of the AZT paint calculation system has shown several times that there is potential for optimisation in the use of the AZT paint calculation system despite the detailed and freely accessible system description.


The AZT team was repeatedly approached about identical aspects, particularly in the context of paint time and material studies. In order to minimize potential false interpretation and the resulting inconsistencies the forced pause in time and material studies caused by the corona pandemic has now been intensively used to comprehensively revise the system description in recent weeks, making it more precise in numerous places and supplementing it with case studies.


As usual the updated system description is available to download for free in German and English.


All the additions and clarifications that have now been incorporated will certainly not be the last changes to the system description of the AZT paint calculation.

With the completion and evaluation of the time and material studies, the system description will also be updated again, and ideas for user-friendly adjustments are already available. A contribution describing the procedure for the time and material studies can be downloaded here (in German language only).