Topics at the Allianz Center for Technology:

Internship at AZT

For one week Vincent, 15-year-old student, was part of the AZT team and reports about his internship.

A day at the paint shop.


July 2019


At the AZT, young people regularly take the opportunity to gain an impression of the practical application of automotive technology and to contribute their knowledge in form of internships or working student activities. It is an enrichment for both sides.




Following Vincent states about his time within the Allianz:

I decided to do this internship as I have always been interested in cars and the crash track of the AZT.




Monday, 15th of July 2019

At first I was warmly welcomed by my supervisor Mr. Kitzmann. I introduced myself to the colleagues throughout the day. The tasks of the AZT were illustrated with the help of lectures and presentations. In exchange with employees the function of the crash track was explained and I was able to learn detailed information about the course of an accident reconstruction. At the end of the day I was taking part at a guided tour of the building where I have received further information about the AZT.


Tuesday, 16th of July 2019

I spent the day in the paint shop and had the opportunity to watch the professionals how to repair car parts. For the preparation of a paint job the following was done: Every single step is documented, even the removal and putting on of the protective clothing. I was able to take a lot of information from the repair shop. In between I helped my colleagues to scan documents.


Wednesday, 17th of July 2019

On Wednesday I have looked over the expert's shoulder when investigating hail damage. The damage is calculated with the assistance of a computer program. First the affected car drives into the hail scanner. The number of scanned dents is then displayed on the PC and the damage can be calculated. The analysis of the hail scanner is verified by hand with a dent mirror.



Dent mirror for the detection of hail damage.

Thursday, 18th of July 2019

Today the work from Tuesday was finished. In the paint shop the colleagues first mixed the colour - already determined for the bumper- out of ten different colours. In the next step they painted and assembled the bumper. The colour of the painted bumper corresponded perfectly with the one the car. At the end of the day an employee explained the high-speed cameras of the crash track.

Friday, 19th of July 2019  

The last day of my internship I spent on the huge Allianz Campus in Unterföhring. There I have learned a lot about the office work of the colleagues who send the experts home to the customers. A special computer program is used in order to inspect the damage there. Alternatively the damage is examined via livestream.

Conclusion: In the end, I have to say, I have learned a lot about painting, repairing and assembling car parts. I have also learned a lot about the crash track. I was particularly surprised by the latest technology which the AZT´s team work with efficiently. The content of my internship was great and I have enjoyed the week within the Allianz.