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Pedestrian safety

„Sicher zu Fuß – Mobilität und Sicherheit von Fußgängern“ - A traffic safety study by Allianz


April 2019


A current traffic safety study by Allianz on the mobility and safety of pedestrians shows which accident situations are most dangerous, how high the distraction potential of smartphones & Co. is and which technology can help to prevent accidents.

The safety of pedestrians remains an important issue. In Germany, more than 400 pedestrians still die in road traffic every year (2018: 457). Nevertheless, pedestrians are often not considered independently in the context of road safety. According to Allianz, however, pedestrian safety must not be allowed to sink into the broad spectrum of problems faced by "unprotected road users" and pedestrians need their own public image. For this reason, Dr. Jörg Kubitzki, accident scientist at the Allianz Center for Technology, developed the study "Sicher zu Fuß – Mobilität und Sicherheit von Fußgängern".

Core results of the study are among others:

More than half of the pedestrians killed are over 64 years old.

Distraction also plays an important role with pedestrians. Listening to music and texting are special accident risk factors.

Every fourth pedestrian collision occurs when reversing.

Improved pedestrian recognition and automatic emergency braking are also required when reversing.

Allianz recommends updating the European Parliament's Pedestrian Charter.

Further information can be found in the study and the related press release (both documents in German only).