Topics at the Allianz Center for Technology:

The Electric Vehicles R-ev-olution

In a comprehensive report AGCS (Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty, Allianz's global industrial insurer) devotes itself to the topic of electric mobility.

Source: AGCS


July 2020


One mobility trend is the increasing electrification and the new forms of mobility resulting from it. Among other things the spread of electric cars is expected to increase rapidly. The drivers for this include consumer demand and current political efforts to combat climate change.


In addition to the opportunities offered by electromobility, new challenges are also emerging for manufacturers, suppliers and insurers. Allianz's industrial insurer, AGCS, has addressed these issues in a comprehensive report that provides a general overview of the current market situation in the field of e-mobility and the current assessment of the resulting risks, especially for manufacturers and insurance companies.


The AZT has been working on the subject of electric vehicles, their technical specifications and special features as well as their crash behaviour for many years. Some of the AZT's findings have therefore been incorporated into the AGCS report. The complete report in English can be downloaded here.