Topics at the Allianz Center for Technology:

2019 RCAR annual conference

The 2019 RCAR annual conference has taken place at the Regent hotel in Beijing, the capital of China, from October 13th to October 18th 2019.

Presentation of Repair & ADAS functionality by Dr. Lauterwasser


October 2019


As representatives of the AZT, Dr. Christoph Lauterwasser and Carsten Reinkemeyer have participated the conference. This is the first time that the RCAR annual conference was held in China, and according to Haimao Jia, president of CIRI, it is a great honor for the institute to host this event and welcome RCAR members and their partners to Beijing.


42 experts from the insurers' research institutes dealt with the following significant topics, among others:

Jaewon Lee (KART) from Korea now leads the ADAS working group which deals with the effects of the repair methodology on sensor technology; calibration methodology and diagnostic equipment.

In relation to electromobility the current damage of batteries and its effects on the insurance industry were discussed with regard to a) the manufacturer's regulation and b) the reduction effect of insurers.

Exchange on the current status of autonomous and connected vehicles & cyber security.