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Road Safety Day

On June 18th 2022, the AZT will support the German Road Safety Council's (DVR) Road Safety Day and participate in their campaign


June 2022



365 days a year belong to road safety. But every third Saturday in June is something special. A wide variety of players deal with the topic of road safety with their campaigns and events under the common guiding principle of "Together for more safety".

They bring people closer to what is happening 365 days a year to ensure that we arrive safely every day when we are on the road by foot, by bike or by car. The German Road Safety Council created Road Safety Day in 2005 for this purpose - and anyone can join in: simply share the message on your social media!


With the motto THANK YOU! this year, the DVR has deliberately refrained from what some might perceive as "pointing fingers". This time, it's not to warn about blind spots or speeding, or to use braking distances to point out the dangers of serious accidents. Rather, it is to highlight the positive safety record that we have all achieved together in recent decades: with countless expert measures, the day-to-day efforts of countless helpers, and with most people setting a good example on the road. The wrong must be prevented. But the right should also be rewarded - on this June 18th, with posts, comments and likes, under the hashtags #VisionZeroHero #VisionZero #ThankYouVisionZeroHero and #TrafficSafetyDay.


Allianz Center for Technology

The Allianz Center for Technology is supporting the campaign again this year. Allianz and AZT are active in the German Road Safety Council and the European Road Safety Charter.

In the context of this, we would like to point out the following topics, among others, which have an important relation to road safety in various studies and projects of the AZT [...E-scooter, blind spot, two-wheeler,etc....].


Please access to the campaign website Road Safety Day ( for more information. Download materials (images, etc.) ist available here: ShareFile - Where Companies Connect