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Driver Distraction and Modern Technology

How much do entertainment, comfort and communication functions of modern technology distract us from driving? Do people now text more often than talk on the phone while driving? These and other questions are addressed in the latest study on distracted driving by the Allianz Center for Technology. ​


March 2023


"Engaging with the smartphone while driving has become the norm. At the same time, the distraction possibilities in today's vehicles continue to increase," says Lucie Bakker, Chief Claims Officer and Member of the Board of Management at Allianz Versicherungs-AG. "The core of the problem is that many drivers are aware of the danger, but they do not transfer this insight to their everyday driving. This is fatal. We must not accept distracted driving  as a socially accepted habit!"​

According to the German Federal Statistical Office, 8233 people were injured in accidents in which distraction played a role in 2021, and 117 died, which is approximately five percent of all fatalities (2562). These figures make it clear that distraction is still a major hazard factor. Jörg Kubitzki from the AZT dealt with this topic for the third time and compiled the current study, which focuses on driver distraction caused by modern technology. Among other things, the study shows that this form of distraction has increased significantly and that the risk of car accidents increases by around 50 percent due to the operation of modern communication, entertainment and comfort technologies. ​



Other key findings of the study include:​

​ • Texting replaces phoning as hand-held  mobile phone offence ​
 • “Problem children” young  drivers​
 • The equipment of vehicles with on-board computers has increased significantly​
 • Integrating distraction into police accident recording has paid off​
 • Driver monitoring is rejected by the majority​

The full text of the study (in German language only) and the associated press release can also be found in the download area.​