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Delivery Condition of Plastic Spare Parts

AZT Paint Calculation: Paint Stages for Plastic Parts as a Function of the Respective Spare Part’s Delivery Condition.


November 2020


The AZT Paint Calculation System defines a wide range of paint stages for new plastic parts. These stages should be selected appropriately, especially based on the respective delivery condition, in order to enable correct calculation of the paint work to be carried out. In addition, the paint system used by the paint specialist in combination with the color shade to be painted may also affect the correct paint stage. As this has repeatedly led to queries in the past, AZT has prepared a detailed overview of the various plastic paint levels in combination with the delivery condition and the painting work to be carried out.

This is intended to provide all users of the AZT Paint Calculation System with assistance going beyond the system description in order to avoid different understandings between the parties involved (experts & repair shops, insurance companies & experts, insurance companies & repair shops, ...). Thus, all parties involved in the damage process receive a basis for the settlement of bills according to the AZT Paint Calculation, which reduces queries, discussions and delays.

The supplementary document to the system description of the AZT Paint Calculation can be found in the download area of the AZT homepage under "Paint" or can be accessed directly here.